February 4, 2020

Preparing a commercial space for the market

Leasing commercial spaces that become vacant is a major concern for every Property Owner.  No matter how hot the real estate market may be in your […]
January 8, 2020

Understanding the Value an Architect can bring to your property

Architects add value to commercial buildings.  They play one of the most critical roles in property management, helping property management firms to design new spaces and […]
November 11, 2019

Four Ways to Get the Best From Your Commercial Broker

Landlords and property managers often work very closely with commercial real estate brokers. Though the majority of engagements between landlords and brokers lead to positive outcomes, […]
October 15, 2019

How Good Housekeeping Helps You Find (and Keep) The Best Tenants

Keeping your properties in good order isn’t just about aesthetic: it can affect your bottom line.
September 9, 2019

Three Key Good Housekeeping Practices for Commercial Property Managers

When many property managers think of housekeeping, they usually think of maintenance, but there is more to it than that. Good housekeeping is a wonderful way […]
July 16, 2019

Protect Yourself as a Landlord – What do I do if someone is injured?

This is the seventh article that provides some insight for landlords and owners regarding insurance issues as it relates to your property. Knowing these facts will […]
February 1, 2019

10 Inspection and Maintenance Tips for your Fire Sprinkler System in Winter and Cold Weather

Maintenance Tips for your Fire Sprinkler System in Winter It’s important to have a robust and active inspection, testing and maintenance program for your fire sprinkler […]
November 5, 2018

Upgrading the commercial property gives it a new lease on life

There is a cycle that almost every commercial property owner or property management company will experience. When a building is new, tenants are not difficult to […]