About Us

Commercial Property Management Services

In the past 25 years we have undertaken numerous development and redevelopment projects in and around southern Ontario, both on our own behalf and for various ownership groups.  We are well versed in all aspects of acquisition, development, ownership and real estate management.  Our property management team has over 1.1 million square feet under management, and that is growing year over year.

Armadale Property Management specializes in:

  • Retail properties
  • Office properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Airport – Toronto Airways Limited

Located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). This expertise, combined with our intimate knowledge of the area, means we can offer our clients highly-focused, customized, one-on-one building management services that fit their property, and benefit their bottom line.

Building Managers and Owners Relationship

Due to our strong relationships with building managers and owners and because we are building owners with experience in a wide range of areas related to property management and leasing, we founded our business on the principal of integration.

To us, it simply makes sense to ensure that the decisions in one area of property management are consistent with and support the decisions in another. It makes sense for building managers and owners, and it makes sense for tenants.

This approach to property management is so deeply ingrained in who we are as a company that we continue to be surprised that other management companies don’t structure their operations in the same way.

Why Armadale Property Management?

It’s what distinguishes us in the commercial property management marketplace. It’s the reason why owners come to us for building management services again and again. And the Armadale difference in tenant services is the reason why tenants prefer to move to a building managed by us.

  • Leasing
  • Operations
  • Value Management

All through a single point of contact. With a dedicated support team in place.

With this approach, we are totally dedicated to you, the owner, in order to Manage Your Property and Grow Your Investment.

905.477.8000 or 416.969.8199