Owner’s Services

Real Estate Management Services

As a building owner, you’ve got your hands full. You know that managing the building yourself just isn’t feasible. But hiring separate teams to handle each of your real estate management services, including leasing, day-to-day operations and property value doesn’t make your job any easier.

That’s why at Armadale, we bring all the essential building services and real estate management under one roof, with a single point of contact for everything. We take care of every aspect of your property’s management, from collecting rent, to managing construction and building maintenance, to maintaining and increasing your building’s value. Your Armadale advisor manages it all – so you don’t have to.

Leasing/Operations/Value Management.

All through a single point of contact. That’s the advantage of one. And the power of three.

Property Leasing

Unoccupied space has a devastating impact on ROI. But choosing the wrong kind of tenants – and how you accommodate them – can also have a negative effect on the long-term value and marketability of the property. That’s why at Armadale, we help building owners maximize their units with the most desirable tenants all the time.

  • Develop standardized leasing policies and procedures
  • Building and vacancy marketing/advertising
  • Appoint and manage real estate agents and negotiate fees
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of prospective third-party leasing offers and/or proposals
  • Prepare in-house leasing offers and/or proposals
  • Clean-up, demolition, construction and preparation of units for lease
  • Prepare and negotiate final lease
  • Tenant credit checks
  • Monthly leasing review meetings and reports
Property Value Management

Value management involves looking at the property as a component of your overall investment portfolio strategy. At Armadale, we help you implement value management strategies that take into account such issues as tax opportunities, asset appreciation, and balance with your other investments. And we help you ensure that any leasing or operations decisions you make, first and foremost support your Value Management strategy.

Property Portfolio Management

  • Create and maintain property operations manuals
  • Prepare and manage major insurance claims
  • Manage major capital improvements and replacements, such as redevelopment, upgrades and improvements to common areas and building system replacements
  • Manage real estate acquisitions, divestments and/or expropriations
  • Manage environmental audits and clean-up
  • Manage property appraisals and engineering audits
  • Manage property tax appeals
  • Perform insurance reviews
  • Manage re-zoning and site planning

Ownership Structure

Ownership structure has a significant impact on taxes, liability and financing. At Armadale, we take a close look at the ownership structure to ensure we minimize the exposure to the owner, take advantage of any tax reduction strategies, and maximize the opportunity for financing.

  • Co-ordinate financing and/or refinancing
  • Co-ordinate corporate and/or organizational structure
  • Co-ordinate tax planning
Property Operations

More than anything, tenants appreciate the smooth operation of the property. They don’t expect perfection – but they do expect that when problems do arise, they get handled quickly and efficiently. Once tenants have experienced the Armadale difference, it’s the reason why they prefer to move to a building managed by us. For the owner, better operations also mean:

  • Lower overall maintenance costs
  • Better real estate management
  • Higher property values

Building and Site Operations/Maintenance

  • Recruit and supervise superintendent and in-house property management personnel
  • Create and implement process for tendering major service contracts (cleaning, HVAC maintenance, landscaping, etc)
  • Recruit and supervise service providers and contractors
  • Create and implement standardized, cost-effective purchasing procedures
  • Manage expenditures
  • Regular inspections and reporting
  • Preventative maintenance and life cycle programs

Tenant Services

  • Arrange tenant move-in/out
  • Online tenant service request centre
  • Create, implement and manage retention programs (newsletters, events, surveys, etc)
  • Create and manage building handbooks, fire safety and emergency plans and procedures
  • Address and resolve tenant issues
  • Manage leasehold improvements

Finance and Accounting

  • Calculate, bill and collect operation cost recoveries
  • Manage accounts payable and all related property expenses
  • Create annual operating budget
  • Prepare and issue quarterly or monthly financial statements and reports
  • Manage rent-roll and liaise with lenders
  • Bill and collect rental payments
  • Manage cash flow and banking
  • Prepare annual audit schedules and financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles